Ad Formats

Our Ad Formats

Mobile & Web Native Ads.

Mobile and Web native advertising is an effective marketing tool and creates great opportunity for advertisers to engage with customers.

We run local market ad campaigns and provide competitive bids and direct brand deals.

Our publishers receive a content friendly ads.


Our mobile in-stream and out-stream video formats are VAST compliant.

We also focus on CTV ad formats for branding & performance advertisers without sacrificing the user experience. Video ads  drive more revenue with higher eCPM and Click Through Rate because of user engagement and smart retargeting techniques.

Mobile Display Ads.

We support a full portfolio of standard IAB display ad formats including banner, interstitial, splash screen, etc.

We ensure a quality and fill rate of every placement to meet ad tech highest standards.

Our AI Yield Optimisation Engine alongside with our custom bidder grants highest CTR and CR rates.

Web Banners.

We offer all IAB banner sizes and premium placements across wide range of direct sources.

All our sources are 100% scored by Wide Ops and have ads.txt lines to assure a highest level of traffic quality and user engagement.

We carefully select a variety of placements to match direct advertisers view-ability goals and ROI.

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